MSI celebrates Earth Month with lessons on conserving, growing a better future

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CHICAGO — As part of an entire month of Earth Day celebrations, the Museum of Science and Industry shows ways kids — and adults — can help the planet in their everyday lives.

The museum’s Simulation Lab is the center for all things energy, showing where it comes from, how we use it and how we can use it better.

Simulation games show how power is used in the house, and how appliances, windows and more can be swapped out for more energy-efficient choices. There’s one for cars too, which offers surprising choices that can make a difference, like using a lighter color to reflect light, or a smaller engine that needs less power.

People can also zoom out further, and take a look at the best sources of energy for our city.

“It’s all about balance here; like wind, solar, but also natural gas and coal, which is going to give us the best outlet with lowest output of CO2,” Senior Floor Development Coordinator Dillon Dreiling said.

Players compete against other teams to see who can be better energy consumers.

“We want guests to understand decisions we make every single day can be really small, but those choices add up over time and they have a big impact,” Dreiling said.

There’s even a lesson kids can take with them in the Fab Lab, by shredding and blending paper into “seed paper” containing seeds to plant back at home. After all, growing plants and better energy consumers is all part of celebrating Earth Month at the Museum of Science and Industry.


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