CHICAGO — The war between Israel and Hamas is expected to escalate soon as the Israeli military warns of a possible ground invasion of Gaza. 

According to the Associated Press, Israel’s military ordered over 1 million people to evacuate northern Gaza ahead of the possible ground invasion.

The military gave civilians 24 hours to leave on Friday, however, the deadline was extended after the UN said an evacuation within that time frame would be impossible without devastating humanitarian consequences.

Israeli tanks are positioned near the border on Saturday and the Israeli military says it has prepared an offensive in the Gaza Strip involving air, ground and naval forces.

The Associated Press reports that the war has claimed the lives of at least 3,200 people since the attack by Hamas on Oct. 7. 

Lonnie Nasatir, the President of the Jewish United Fund (JUF), joined WGN-TV News on Saturday morning to discuss fundraising efforts by the JUF and talk about how Chicagoans can help.

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