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CHICAGO — While the public can’t get into the National Restaurant Association Show, much of the new technology on display there over the weekend will be coming to restaurants everywhere soon.

Cutting edge technology aimed at making life easier and more environmentally friendly are some of the gadgets on display at the national restaurant association show.

Drink-serving robot Penny is being used in restaurants in San Francisco and Tokyo, and is meant to assist waitstaff so they can focus more on the customer.

There’s a scanner that can check hands for food borne illnesses, and flavored, edible vegan spoons that help keep plastic out of landfills.

Those showing off their cooking skills at the show included the chefs from manchester united football team, and “Iron Chef America” judge Mario Rizzotti, who joined Fabbri product developer Donna Domiano. The company makes deserts for restaurants, bakeries and café’s across the country.