Double Dutch club for women over 40 is proving age is just a number

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CHICAGO — Every Saturday a group of women meets outside the Pullman Community Center to prove that age is just a number

Each woman in the 40+ Double Dutch Club is over 40 years old and proudly wears their age on the back of their shirts.

A number they each wear proudly on the back of their shirts. The group says ot dpesmt ,atter your size or shape, everyone is welcome as long as they can Double Dutch and if they’re over 40.

“I hadn’t jumped since I was 12 years old, so I jumped right back in and I could not believe I could still jump Double Dutch,” Yvette Williams, member, said.

The 40+ Double Dutch Club is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week.

“I wanted to do something with people who were good and grown and had been through some stuff and were looking for a happy place,” Pamela Robinson, the founder of 40+ Double Dutch Club, said.

Robinson said there’s now a happy place like this in more than 26 states and Canada and Israel. About 16,000 women and counting have joined her movement.

“This group is more than just Double Dutch to so many women,” Robinson said, “It’s helped women dealing with issues like grief, loss, transition and depression and so it’s helping us improve not just our physical health – because it’s a workout, we didn’t know back in the day that we were working out. We thought we were just playing outside – but it’s helping us improve our physical health, our mental health, our emotional health and our spiritual health.”

For 66-year-old Patricia Tiller, the club is a motivator.

“I’ve had some health challenges and when I was in the hospital a couple of times all I could say was, ‘I got to get out of here, Doc. Can I jump rope again?’” Tiller said.

Her doctor told her to go for it.

For others, it’s an escape.

“I’m married, I have children, it’s giving me something to look forward to outside of that,” Catrina Dyer-Taylor, one of the co-founders, said.

Fun — like the good old days — carrying this club well into the future

“I never would have dreamed it would go to this level,” Robinson said. “I know that God can do measurably more than we would ever think or imagine and so wherever God intends for it go, its going to go and we’re going to be here available for that.”

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