CHICAGO — A Chicago alderman hosted his ninth annual pancake fundraiser to bring in money for bulletproof vests for the city’s nearly 12,000 officers.

The money raised goes to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s “Get behind The Vest” program with a side of delicious pancakes.

CPD officer Erik Moreno was released from the hospital just days after being shot in the upper torso last year in Englewood. He says the fast action of his partners and his vest, saved him that day.

“That vest has a life span of about five years — after 5 years it has to be replaced but what we found is that Chicago police officers, they’re raising a family, car needs brakes, daughter needs braces, what comes last is thinking about themselves,” O’Shea said.

The pancakes are a way for the community to not only fill their stomachs, but their souls, knowing their small contribution goes to a cause to save lives.

“As much as this is about raising funds, it’s about showing appreciation and support for our police officers,” O’Shea said.