5 keys to job happiness

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Carson Tate is a business consultant who shared her five keys to job happiness.

She just published a new book “Own It. Love It. Make It Work: How to Make Any Job Your Dream Job.” 


1. Procrastinate

Why? Procrastination helps you cull your to do list. How often have you looked at your to do list and seen for the hundredth time a task or project that has been there for weeks or months? Your procrastination around this item is informative.

2. Do the Hard Work

Why? it is in the hard work, or what Carson calls challenging or stretch opportunities, that we most often experience flow. Flow is the optimal state between too much stress and boredom. The flow state is one of the three main drivers of human happiness. When it gets too easy or too comfortable, you’re probably not in the flow.

3. Develop Routines 

Conventional thinking says that routines are boring. So, how can something boring make you happier? Well, it’s not the routine tasks that make you happier, it is the time you gain when you routinize your tasks. Time you can spend on professional projects that energize and excite you, or with family and friends or pursing personal interests. When you develop routines for the tasks you do the most frequently, they embed in your brain and create a pattern. As a result, you spend less time and attention on those tasks.

4. Ask for feedback without the anxiety

Why? Asking for feedback is hard and doesn’t  feel natural. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, your position in the company, nor how skilled you are. It’s scary. We all sweat when we solicit and receive feedback. However, real-time, specific feedback is one of the most powerful methods you have to create more positive, affirmative, successful work experiences.

5. Take fun breaks!

Why? We’ve always been told to grind it out. Just get it done. Put your head down and execute. You and I both know this is the recipe for misery. However, we are reluctant to work differently, even if it would make us happier. A break is not checking your email. It’s fun, unrelated to work and allows your brain to rest.

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