WGN legend Larry Schreiner dies at age 73

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Longtime WGN Radio reporter Larry Schreiner has died.

His son Mark Schreiner tell us he died of cardiac arrest. He just turned 73 in April.

He is survived by two sons.

“He was just one of those genuine Chicago characters. Indescribable. And probably one that won’t come along again,” current WGN Radio anchor Steve Bertrand recalled. ”

Here’s a selection from an essay Schreiner wrote for WGN Radio’s history site, WGN Gold:

“It all started on April 5, 1968. I was a young Chicago police officer who had decided about a month before this to start taking freelance news film of events in the Chicago area. I was planning on selling that film to WGN TV. It was a Friday and the looting and burning and shooting had begun on the west side of Chicago after Martin Luther King died. I went to the top of an apartment building with some Chicago firemen and because I was so engrossed with what I was doing I did not realize they were smart enough to bail off the roof due to the dangerous conditions. I would take my film into the WGN TV news room at which time the then news director asked me to go up in the helicopter to shoot some more film. Who would have ever known that all those thirty plus years would be spent with the Tribune company in one way or another. 

“Seeing that most of those years were spent with WGN Radio I thought I would tell you how it was to work with some real giants of the business.”

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