CHICAGO — When it comes to Fourth of July celebrations Chicago is pretty spectacular.

In fact, Chicago is 13th overall on WalletHub’s list of 2022’s Best & Worst Places for 4th of July Celebrations.

One hundred of the largest cities in the U.S. were compared on how well they balance holiday fun and costs.

Researchers for the personal-finance website looked at five key categories: Fourth of July celebrations, affordability, attractions and Activities, safety and accessibility and Fourth of July weather forecast.

Within those categories they also looked at factors such as average beer and wine prices, duration of fireworks shows, price of a Fourth of July party ticket, and price of a three-star hotel.

Here’s how Chicago did in some key metrics:

  • 1st – Prevalence of Affordable 4.5+ Star Restaurants
  • 3rd – Number of Fourth of July Festivals & Performances
  • 5th – Walkability
  • 22nd – Percentage of Residents Who Are Fully Vaccinated
  • 50th – Lowest Price of Three-Star Hotel Room
  • 51st – Avg. Price of Fourth of July Party Ticket

San Francisco is ranked as the best city for celebrating Independence Day, followed by Los Angeles, Washington, DC in third, Atlanta fourth, and Las Vegas ranked fifth.

You can click on cities in the map below to see where they rank on the Fourth of July celebrations list.

Source: WalletHub