CHICAGO — The lingering baby formula shortage is worsening and leaving many parents in desperation

Recall and supply chain issues are being blamed for the ongoing shortage and several major retailers like Walgreens and CVS are limiting parents to purchasing just one can at a time.

Many parents are anxious, scared, and worried about how to feed their babies as store shelves remain empty.

WGN News Now spoke with Julie Holland vice president of pediatric primary care for the Chicagoland Children’s Health Alliance about what parents can do.

 “There are lots of generic and store brand equivalents from the main formulas,” said Dr. Holland. “I know for most parent they find a formula they really like, it works well for their baby, and they want to stick with it, but if their particular brand that they use is in short supply several retailers have equivalent formulas as well and those are FDA regulated.”

For babies with special formula needs, Holland recommends talking with your pediatrician to find an alternative solution.

Dr. Holland advises parents to be on high alert when purchasing formula online due to the unknown factors on how it was stored.

“If it’s been stored in hot bins or containers or in freezing cold circumstances and some of the stuff is inactivated,” said Dr. Holland. “There are lot of reasons to not buy second hand or black-market formula. I encourage parents to stick with the major retailers.”

If parents get formula from a second source Dr. Holland recommends checking the can and making sure it has not been tampered with.