CHICAGO – For the past few days, many have had their eyes on the remarkable pictures that have come from the sky thanks to a brand new tool at NASA’s disposal.

The James Webb Space Telescope’s first science-quality image were revealed at the White House on Monday and offered people on Earth the chance to view the universe in ways that have never been seen. Others released during the week have brought plenty of excitement to space enthusiasts who’ve seen pictures of space like never before.

Launched in December and reaching its designated point in space a million miles away from the planet in January, the photos represent the farthest that humans have ever seen into deep space. It gives scientists a look at the beginning of the universe 13.7 billion years ago while providing clearer images of cosmic objects far away along with those that are in our own solar system.

Reactions of astonishment and wonder have come from many who have seen them and commented on them on social media since their reveal. While providing some pictures that people have seen before, the Webb telescope brought them back to Earth with cleaner detail.

It’s a major moment for Adler Planetarium Director of Astronomy Geza Gyuk, who like many others waited a long time to see what pictures this telescope could provide of deep space.

“It’s just amazing,” said Gyuk on WGN News Now. “We’ve been waiting for the James Webb for more than 20 years. There were the incredible abilities of the Hubble Telescope and we wanted to have a telescope just a bit larger, you could see a little bit deeper and could see in infrared.

“James Webb promised that, and it’s delivered.”

You can watch Larry Hawley’s full discussion with Gyuk from WGN News Now this week by clicking on the video above.