WATCHING WINTER LIVE – In this week’s livestream WGN-TV meteorologist Demetrius Ivory and WMBD chief meteorologist Chris Yates discussed the coast-to-coast forecast as well as the long-range outlook. So what’s in store? Another round of ice is headed for the mid-Atlantic, two separate snow makers are tracking to come out of Canada and hit the upper-Midwest and Northeast in the coming weeks, and the West and western mountain states get a break from precipitation as a high-pressure system settles in for the near-future.

Full forecast details at the WGN Weather Center

Chris also noted we are at the meteorological halfway point of winter and charted how severe the season is treating different regions. Meanwhile, questions came in from across the country and largely focused on localized forecasts over the next few days. The answer to those are simple, check out your local station’s weather webpage. They’ll hook you up with the info you need ;)

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