WATCHING WINTER LIVE — After pummeling the Plains, a snow producing system will mostly miss Chicago and take aim at the Northeast. However there are more chances for snow on the way.

WGN’s Chip Brewster and PHL17 meteorologist Mike Masco took a look at winter weather in the near-term forecast and long-range outlook. Though the current system is mostly missing Chicago, models are showing a strong chance of snow Sunday night. What’s more, a pattern shift is taking place on a continental level which looks to create conditions for multiple snowstorm chances in the next month or two.

While anything of detail beyond a few days is nearly impossible to provide, you can keep up with the latest forecast through the WGN Weather blog.

For the latest weather updates, check out the WGN Weather blog.

This week’s topics included:

  • A recap of what’s been happening on the West Coast
  • The current snowstorm moving through the Midwest
  • Snow in store for the Northeast and snow drought records
  • The latest weather trend predictions for 8+ days out
  • Sudden Stratospheric Warming – what is it and how does it impact the U.S.

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