CHICAGO — A snow storm out West is set to make its way to the Great Lakes while pulling moisture from the Gulf. Chicago looks to be hit by the storm, but will it be snow or rain?

WGN’s Chip Brewster and WMBD’s Chief Meteorologist Christopher Yates dug into the near-term forecast and the long-term outlook on this week’s Watching Winter Live. See the full show in the video above.

Topics included:

  • The La Niña weather pattern continues – what this means for the rest of the season
  • A review of the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration’s (NOAA) full season outlook
  • The state of drought across the country
  • Current storm systems and their potential paths
  • Major storms are looking likely for next week with heavy snow in the North and severe storms in the South
  • What current models show for the long-range outlook (10+ days from now)
  • Reviewing the historical probability of a white Christmas
  • Taking viewer questions about weather patterns and meteorology

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