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CHICAGO, IL – Conditions are more favorable to embrace a healthy lifestyle if you live in two Illinois cities.

Both recently made Wallethub’s list of 2022’s Healthiest Places to Live in the United States.

The personal-finance website compared 182 of the largest cities in America to find which ones make health a priority.

Chicago came in 36th on the list and West suburban Aurora took the 93rd spot.

Researchers compared cities across four key areas: health care, food, fitness, and green space.

They also used a variety of metrics ranging from fruit and vegetable consumption to the cost of a medical visit, and even the number of bike or hiking trails.

Each metric was then scored on a 100-point scale with 100 being the most favorable for a healthy lifestyle.

Chicago also came in 11th place in the Healthy Restaurants per capita category.

So, what city tops the list as the healthiest in the country? It’s San Francisco.

Seattle came in second, San Diego third, with Portland and Salt Lake City rounding out the Top 5.