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CHICAGO – There are good teams and bad teams, great wins and terrible losses, with a number of memorable moments on each side of the equation sprinkled in here and there.

That’s how it is for most years in Chicago sports with a number of different sports teams making headlines throughout the 2021 calendar year. Like most of 2020, it was spent in a pandemic, with COVID-19 having its impact a number of times during the year.

Yet the games did go on, from high school to college to pro, with even a championship coming from a team in the WNBA. Change came for one baseball team, while another is just starting to enter a title window, and which could be the same situation for a team that calls the United Center home.

The other tenant of that venue has endured a rough year both on and off the ice, while Chicago’s NFL team is looking ahead to major change after the new year.

Larry Hawley recapped the big stories in Chicago sports in the 2021 edition of “‘Twas The Game Before Christmas” on Friday on WGN News Now, and you can watch that in the video above