CHICAGO – It began on December 2nd and it was unpopular from the very moment that it started.

Now a month-and-a-half later, fans are getting even more anxious and angry as Major League Baseball’s lockout continues.

While there were some talks in January there so far hasn’t been any progress made when it comes to reaching a new collective bargaining agreement that would get baseball going again. Since early December, there have been no big-league signings or free agent moves since the lockout prohibits it, leaving a number of big names still without homes for next year.

Meanwhile, getting spring training started on schedule is a major issue with little progress being made, with games slated to start in Arizona and Florida in late February. If it goes long enough, the regular season could be affected, which hasn’t been done due to labor problems since 1995.

Larry Hawley tried to reflect the frustrations of the fan base in this episode of “TikTok Sports Talk” on WGN News Now. You can see that in the video above.