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CHICAGO – It’s still so fresh in the minds of fans that it might be a question that will take some time to answer. Even then, it might not be totally clear.

Was the 2021 White Sox season a success or ultimately a disappointment after they were eliminated in four games by the Astros in the American League Division Series?

There are a number of reasons to argue why it was successful: 93 wins, first AL Central title and home playoff win since 2008, along with a number of memorable moments along the way. Plus a number of young players gained valuable experience while also making a name for themselves in Major League Baseball.

At the same time, the White Sox had World Series expectations for themselves coming into the 2021 season along with many fans. Failing to make it out of the first round of the playoffs is quite a disappointment in that aspect.

Larry Hawley explores this in this week’s “TikTok Sports Talk” on WGN News Now which you can see in the video above.