CHICAGO — Soon after Disney’s release of Encanto. Maribel Martinez found many resemblances between her and the movie’s character Luisa.

Martinez, 23, took to TikTok singing several hits from the movie. For instance, her video of “Surface Pressure” has gone viral with more than 1 million likes, and people commenting how much Martinez looks like the character.

Throughout her videos Martinez is seen mimicking Luisa with her sassy hip movements and flexing her muscles, all while lip-syncing to the songs.

Some of the vides also include cosplay with Luisa’s signature red bow, curls, white top and blue skirt.

“I went on to do a CashApp donation to see if they (people) could help me get the costume together,” Martinez tells WGN News Now. “I was able to use all of the donations and make the costume myself.”

But the resemblance between the two goes far beyond physical looks. About a year ago Martinez was granted full custody of her two younger siblings.

“I’ve been having to raise my own siblings,” says Martinez. “I’ve been playing an adult role since I was very young, so a lot of pressure was always put on me.”

When it comes to feedback, Martinez says they’ve been positive and uplifting.

“They’ve been very motivating,” says Martinez. “People have said how it make them feel heard. Representation matters and it needs to be portrayed more.”

You can find Maribel on TikTok: Maribelspiritualjourney