CHICAGO – With the countdown to Father’s Day underway, a new study looked at which U.S. cities are the best for single dads.

High-fives go out to west suburban Naperville.

LawnStarter named the suburb as 2022’s Best City for Single Dads after comparing 200 of the largest cities in the country.

Researchers used more than 30 key factors representing an ideal environment for single dads and their children such as childcare costs, quality of public schools, social support programs for dads, access to parks, and family-leave policies.

Half of the cities in the list’s top ten are in suburbs, and LawnStarter’s experts said the ‘burbs are a good choice for single dads and their kids because life tends to move at a slower pace, they’re more affordable, and more family friendly.

Fist bumps also go out to these Illinois cities that made the list: Aurora ranked 52, Joliet ranked 74, Rockford ranked 75, and Chicago ranked 113.