THE MORNING AFTER: Hope? Nope: The ongoing ‘Lambeau Lead’ to this Bears-Packers’ narrative

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GREEN BAY – The result is no true “Lambeau Leap” for anyone who’s watched the two teams playing on Sunday night over the past decade.

The Packers win, the Bears.

To be fair, there are always a few unique twists and turns to get to this common result – which has now happened in 14 of the last 16 meetings between the NFC North rivals. But in the end, Aaron Rodgers usually does something that helps turn to the game and the Bears have no answer.

But just for a moment, you believed, right?

When Damiere Byrd took the pass over the middle and raced to the endzone for the touchdown after the Pakcers scored 14-straight, it looked as if something might be a bit different.

When Jakeem Grant did his best Devin Hester impression at the end of the second quarter and took off down the sidelines with a punt 95-yards, it seemed like something was different, right?

Probably not. I didn’t. Most fans didn’t. Again, this is a narrative that’s played out before. It did again.

Aaron Rodgers does what he does always, every time. Even in that first half, he kept making big plays to keep the Bears from running away with it. Then there’s the second half – yes those final 30 minutes – where the quarterback always finds a way to terrorize the Bears.

Perhaps as a relief, he took care of business quickly and efficiently as he led the Packers on four scoring drives that put the game away long before he could have made the finishing act his own. (See 2013, 2016, and 2018 for examples)

Of course, the Bears didn’t help themselves. David Montgomery had one second half carry as the offense couldn’t find what they had in the first half in the final 30 minutes. Matt Nagy didn’t go for it on 4th-and-inches in the fourth with the Bears down 11, then an out of bounds penalty on Kindle Vildor on the ensuing punt took away a potential recovery and touchdown for Damien Williams.

It’s typical Bears things that just keep happening against the Packers, whose quarterback does his usual thing to make everything miserable for an NFC North rivals that’s rarely been able to match him. The 45-30 victory improves Rodgers’ record to 23-5 against the Bears including the 2010 NFC Championship.

While it seems like this may never end, it could actually sooner than later, with strife before the season with the Packers possibly leading to the quarterback’s exit at the end of the season. Maybe that will stop this Green Bay beatdown of the Bears, but it certainly didn’t when Brett Favre left.

There was a time when Chicago led this storied rivalry, but thanks to those quarterbacks, the Packers lead 103-95-6.

It’s reflective of the different paths for the franchise over the last two decades, where Green Bay has been one of the league’s elite teams while the Bears have been trapped in mediocrity. That’s why when you saw what went down in the first 30 minutes on Sunday, there was dread for what the last had to offer.

You knew what the lead at Lambeau would ultimately say in this football narrative that repeats over and over again.

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