CHICAGO – For the first time in his professional career, Ryan Poles was at the helm of NFL Draft selections for an NFL team.

It was another major step in the process of rebuilding the Bears’ roster ahead of the 2022 season, and there are plenty of holes to fill. Starting with six draft picks, Poles was able to turn that into 11 thanks to some moves made on the final day of selections.

He surprised some by taking two defenders with his second round picks and only taking one true wide receiver, with a variety of positions chosen with eight picks on Saturday.

Now with those in place, it’s up to head coach Matt Eberflus to make it all come together on the field with some of the new free agents in his first season in Chicago.

This edition of “The 9-Yard Line” recaps the Bears’ 2022 NFL Draft while also taking a glace ahead to what’s ahead for the Bears this spring at Halas Hall before a quick summer break before training camp.

Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun Times also stops by to share his thoughts on the NFL Draft and the postseason.