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CHICAGO – Your “true love” is going to shell out a lot more money to buy all the items listed in the song “12 Days of Christmas” this year.

The total costs for everthing from a partridge in a pear tree on day one to 12 drummers drumming on the twelfth day is $41,206, which is up from $38, 994 in 2019.

PNC Bank, a financial services firm, calculates the Christmas Price Index which measures the cost of all items in the song. It says the Christmas Price Index is up 5.7% this year, and is the largest increase in eight years.

The lighthearted Index is not meant to meant to be a reflection of the true costs of holiday gifts for a household, but it does indicate that inflation is increasing the costs of gifts.

Here’s a breakdown of how much each item on the would costs.

1st Day: Partridge in a pear tree -$222.68
2nd Day: Two turtle doves – $450.00
3rd Day: Three French hens – $255.00
4th Day: Four calling birds – $599.96
5th Day: Five gold rings – $895.00
6th Day: Six geese-a-laying – $660.00
7th Day: Seven swans-a-swimming -$13,125.00
8th Day: Eight maids-a-milking – $58.00
9th Day: Nine ladies dancing – $7,552.84
10th Day: Ten Lords-a-leaping – $11,260.00
11th Day: Eleven pipers piping – $2,943.93
12th Day: Twelve drummers drumming – $3,183.17