CHICAGO — You suggested, you voted, you decided. Chicago is home to many taco-creators, but of those suggested by our readers, five stood out from the rest.

Raymond’s Tacos, 2406 S. Blue Island Ave., was one of those top suggestions from the poll.

WGN News Now spoke with owner of the Blue Island location, Elva Lopez and her son Armando Lopez about the business’ history and their recipe for success.

According to the mother-son duo, the business started back in 1975 and now has three locations across the Chicagoland area. While each location has menu items that are specific to the neighborhood they’re located in, they each serve original items like their popular cheese tacos.

“One day he decided to add American cheese in between two tortillas and it has been a hit ever since,” Elva Lopez said.

Elva Lopez recalls a memory of making flour tortillas with her mom for the burritos. As business picked up, they opted to find a tortilla factory in town to meet their burrito sized needs.

“I was about 8 years and they said they were going to start their own businesses,” she said. “Back then they couldn’t find a tortilla place to make the big tortillas, so my mom said we were going to do it from scratch. And I remember I was about 8 or 9 and I used to help my mom make tortillas.”

Elva Lopez’s parents have since passed away, but she says their legacy lives on through the business, which is being passed on to younger generations like Armando.

“The quality that we provide to the customer I would say is the most important thing that I’ve learned growing up in the business,” Armando Lopez said.

He manages the Blue Island location. They said they’re grateful for the continued support from customers.

This is one of the most authentic Taco’s places around! Try them out and you won’t be disappointed!!

Shawn S.

Perfection like no other taco I’ve ever tasted!

Tanisha R.

Original and authentic steak tacos will have your mouth watering until the next bite.

Jim O.