CHICAGO — Stargazers will have their eyes to the sky this week as they try to get a glimpse of a rare celestial treat.

Venus and Jupiter will appear to be close together and will also appear to be lined up with Mars and Saturn in what some call a parade of planets.

WGN News Now spoke with Michelle Nichols, director of public observing at the Adler Planetarium about this phenomenon and when people in the area can catch the glimpse.

“It’s called a conjunction and that’s when two objects, like a couple of planets, appear close together in the sky,” says Nichols. “In this case, it’s Venus and Jupiter, so the two brightest ones which will make them super easy to spot, and they’ll be closest together on Saturday morning. The best time to see them is a little before 5 o’clock in the morning.”

The last time we looked up and saw something like this was in January 2021 when Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn were seen for a short period of time.

We asked Nichols if the moon would be making a special guest appearance with the planets as well.

“It will,” says Nichols. “The moon has already passed them by already for this cycle of phases, but the moon will pass them by kind of in mid-May and then again in mid-June. And when mid-June happens, that’s when mercury will join in. So, you will have Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn in the sky at the same time a bit before sunrise.”

According to the Adler, there are a few particularly good conjunctions that happen each year, but not all of them are visible due to the glare of the Sun making it hard to see the objects. Conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter occur about once a year, but not all of them are as visible as this one will be.

No fancy equipment is needed to see this upcoming conjunction.

“If you happen to have those things, that’s great,” says Nichols. “If not, just your eyes. That’s the great part about these nice bright planets. You just get to go out and enjoy.”

The Adler Planetarium will also host a special Sky Observes Hangout on April 29 to help you learn how to view it.