CHICAGO – At the moment, the entire sports worlds is focused on a member of the Buffalo Bills who suffered cardiac arrest during a game against the Bengals Monday night in Cincinnati.

Safety Damar Hamlin was taken off the field by ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Since then, thoughts, prayers, and other shows of support have poured in from around sports and the NFL in hopes that the Bills’ player can pull through.

This edition of “The Afternoon Lineup” on WGN News Now updates you on the condition of Hamlin and the ways that other teams in the NFL, including the Bears, have shown their support over the last day.

We’ll also take a look at moves the NFL has made because of the injury while also taking a look back at a tragedy that occurred in a Bears’ game in 1971 that has come to light after Hamlin’s cardiac arrest.

Along with that, we’ll also check in with the Bulls and Blackhawks as well.

Larry Hawley has more on this edition of “The Afternoon Lineup” on WGN News Now, which you can watch in the video above.