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CHICAGO – Many people plan to ring in the New Year with a party, but that can often leave your head ringing with a hangover.

A hangover can vary from person to person, but the most common symptoms are a wicked headache, extreme thirst, nausea, fatigue and sensitivity to light and sound.

There are lots of hangover remedies on the web and social media, so WGN News Now talked to Dana Vlachos, DO, Family Medicine Physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center to find out what really works.

Vlachos says the best hangover remedy is to drink in moderation or simply don’t drink.
However, if you do drink, she says to be sure to hydrate and avoid dehydration.

Vlachos says symptom management is key.

If you have no medical restrictions, taking aspirin, ibuprofen or other over the counter pain medication can help with a hangover headache.

She says electrolyte solutions sold over the counter (think Powerade, or Pedialyte) can be helpful with rehydration.

Vlachos says people should also get a lot of sleep.

She also recommends people avoid drinking on an empty stomach and be sure to have a really good meal before they drink.

She says people need to be mindful of their servings and points out that a typical wine glass is two servings of wine – or two drinks!