CHICAGO – What’s better than taking a stretch limo to prom? How about taking a stretch hot dog?

As in the one and only Weinermobile!   

Oscar Mayer is offering up its iconic ride to high school promgoers across the country who want to arrive to the big dance in grand style.   

Three winners will get to bring three friends in the Wienermobile for a ride to prom.   

Students need to be at least 17 years old for a chance to win a ride.   

They also need to create a one minute or less video sharing why they should win, and when and where it will be held.   

The video needs to be posted to TikTok or Instagram with #Oscartakemetoprom.   

The deadline to submit your video is noon on Tuesday May 3rd.   

Now according to the Official Contest Rules eligible submissions will be judged on the following:

 50% Creativity/Originality: The submission stands out among other entries for its unique style orconcept.

 50% Fits within the Oscar Mayer brand theme: The submission is a fun expression of the challenge.

So, basically be creative, keep it clean and have fun with it kids! 

Oh, and dance your hot dog buns off at prom!!