VERMILION COUNTY, IL – Residents in one Illinois community are on the lookout for an unusual escapee.

An elusive emu is on the loose in Vermilion County, the last of thirteen emus that broke out of a pen at 4D Farms just north of Danville in late July.

The flightless bird continues to elude the Vermilion County Animal Control but was recently spotted over the weekend.

A resident snapped a photo of the feathered fugitive in their backyard staring at their dog through a fence, but it fled before Animal Control could get there.

The big bird has also been spotted darting across a street and into what appears to be an apartment complex at an impressive speed.

Residents are warned not to try and capture the Australian bird because, while normally docile, when panicked it could give chase or injure a person with its sharp claws.

The owner of the emus believes some kids damaged a fence on his farm back in July which allowed the emus and a few cows to escape.