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If you ask single people about the dating scene, a number of them will say it’s rough out there.

But the situation is apparently getting really bad for single men.

In fact, Psychology Today reports they’re the loneliest they’ve ever been in generations.Board-certified couple and family psychologist Greg Matos said “while you don’t actually need to be in a relationship to be happy, men typically are happier and healthier when partnered.”

Matos believes men will have a harder time finding a partner and a study by the Pew Research Center supports his theory.

Not only does it show men aged 25 to 54 are the fastest group of so-called “long-term singles” since 1990, but it said it’s going to get worse.

Research also showed men make up 62-percent of the users on dating apps.

Add fierce online dating competition, plus the fact that women are reportedly being inundated with so many options, and the odds of making a match are even more challenging.

Another factor is that women are being more selective since the numbers are in their favor and they have more choices,  according to Matos.

He says women are looking for men who are emotionally available, good communicators, and have similar values.

Matos adds men need to address these skills and view romance, intimacy, and making emotional connections as important in order to have a healthy, long-term relationship.