CHICAGO — A group of students from Englewood got a reward for their commitment to reading as the summer is about to begin.

Dulles Elementary School students took advantage of 24 mini classrooms that were installed earlier in the 2022-2023 school year through the Buddy’s Helpers program. In five months, students had read for over 100,000 minutes, or 1,667 hours or 70 full days.

For their efforts in contributing to that total, ten students had the opportunity to take a unique trip to see one of Chicago’s professional teams. Seven of the students had the chance to attend their first Chicago White Sox game on May 31.

  • Markus Smith-Lathan – 1st Grade

  • Jeremiah Baldwin – 1st grade

  • Na’Loni Westberry – 1st grade

  • Trequan Sparks – 1st grade

  • Christopher Jackson – 2nd grade

  • Isaiah Westberry – 2nd grade
  • Everett Jarrett – 2nd grade

Three other Dulles Elementary students were honored as well, but chose another activity to participate in that day.

  • Makayla Clay – 3rd grade – Art Institute
  • Danielle Bell – 4th grade – Art Institute
  • Khamarion Grayer – 4th grade

Since the installation of the 24 mini-libraries, which were done thanks to the efforts of local businesses and high school athletes as part of the BODYARMOR series, there have been a number of reading achievements at the school.

In a fourth-grade class, every student read for more than 1,000 minutes, reading collectively for 29,760 minutes. More than ten kindergarten students read for more than 1,000 minutes each.

Larry Hawley featured these students from Dulles Elementary in this week’s edition of the “Random Hawlight” on WGN News Now, which you can see in the video above.