CHICAGO — While the country appears to be out of the pandemic, many restaurants are still trying to recuperate from COVID’s impact.

Some have shifted their hours to keep their doors open. Others have asked customers to purchase directly form them instead of third-party delivery services to help save money.

The City of Chicago capped fees for third party vendors at 15% last year, but that has since expired in October.

Now a Ravenswood woman has created a spreadsheet she hopes will help area businesses.

WGN News Now spoke with Noelle Harrison, the mastermind behind the spreadsheet. Harrison says she and her husband recently moved to the Ravenswood area from San Francisco. She did what many would do and join various Facebook pages.

“One of the things that popped up, in my daily browsing, was someone asking ‘hey, I’m looking for lunch.’,” says Harrison.

She says the person went on to ask if anyone knew of a delivery service that is outside typical services like GrubHub or UberEats.

It was then Harrison decided to create the spreadsheet. She posted the spreadsheet online and quickly began gathering more information on the businesses like their popular dishes or if they’re cash only.

“It blew up in a small degree,” says Harrison. “But really it was just a resource for myself and my husband to use. I’m happy people are liking it.”