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For national wine day, Kim Bosse, chief conversation officer and co-founder of Birch Road Cellar sat down with WGN News Now to talk about wines, pairings, and knowing how to pick the perfect wine.

  • How to pick wines for the summer?
  • Everyone loves Rosé in summertime. I personally love a dry Rosé from Croatia, makes me imagine I’m sipping on the coast of the Mediterranean. But if you want a patio sipper/crowd pleasure you can’t go wrong with a Rosé from Provence.
  • What to pair the with/what’s hot etc.
  • My favorite pairings: a Riesling with spicy thai or sushi. Champagne with anything salty, try potato chips or fried chicken! Best pairing ever is Oregon Pinot Noir with gruyere cheese – yum!
  • How to pick the perfect wine when you don’t know anything about wine
  • Don’t look at the ratings! Ask a professional. Our local wine shops generally pick each bottle for a reason. Tell them what you’re looking for whether it’s full-bodied, sweet, smooth, crisp.
  • Why do some wines make you thirsty?
  • Acidity! The acidity in some wines makes your mouth water and gets you excited about that 2nd sip!

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