CHICAGO – A new brew has some beer drinkers in Singapore raising eyebrows along with their beer mugs.

The new blond ale called NEWBrew is made from specially treated sewage water.

That’s right, recycled sewage water.

Singapore has a shortage of natural water sources and is at risk for severe water shortages, so a local brewery, Brewerkz, partnered with the agency that manages the country’s water supply to create NEWBrew.

According to the company, the average brewery uses around seven gallons of water for every gallon of beer, and they hope to raise awareness for water conservation with the sale of the beer.

So here’s how it works.

Micro-filtration removes microscopic particles and bacteria from the sewage, then the treated water is put through a phase of reverse osmosis and UV disinfection that kills lingering bacteria and viruses.

Some beer drinkers who’ve tried it said it’s refreshing, taste like normal beer, and that if you didn’t know it was made from waste water you wouldnt know; while others said they’ll pass and just chose something made with normal water.

The brewer said NEWBrew has been flying off Singapore’s supermarket shelves and they expect it to sell out by the end of July.

As for another batch? The company plans to assess consumer response and then make a decision.