ILLINOIS — Is a newborn in your near future? Then you might want to take a look at some of the baby names that are expected to be the most popular in 2022.

According to, each year the Social Security Administration publishes the totals for first names from all Social Security card applications. Analysts of the site use the data from this publication to identify trends and predict the current year’s most popular baby names.

Using their formula and the last five years of released date, these are the top 10 names predicted for boys and girls in Illinois:


  • Noah
  • Liam
  • Oliver
  • Benjamin
  • Mateo
  • Theodore
  • Henry
  • Jack
  • William
  • James


  • Olivia
  • Emma
  • Amelia
  • Charlotte
  • Sophia
  • Ava
  • Evelyn
  • Camila
  • Mia
  • Isabella

Of those names, Mateo, Theodore, Jack and Camila are expected to be more unique to Illinois as they did not make the national top ten list for 2022.

Looking to name your child by a popular “modern” name? The analysis shows Liam takes the top spot for boys and Harper for girls.