CHICAGO — The clean, no-makeup look is blowing up on social media and using the right products and integrating skincare is essential to pulling it off properly.

WGN News Now spoke with makeup artists and influencer Megan Lombardi, who specializes in red carpet and luxury bridal glam. Lombardi is also known for her elevated techniques. She shares the product list, how-to’s, and quick take-away tips to get the coveted fresh-face look.

Here’s a list of Lombardi’s do’s an don’ts to achieve the look:

DO/Restraint: Thegoal is to not be able to see makeup, but a well-rested, fresh face.

DON’T/Overdo: Avoid using products with a heavy hand.

DO/Prime Skin: Using a gentle exfoliator to slough off any dead skin, and creating a natural hydrated glow with a sheet mask will ensure makeup goes on smooth – and stay on. 

DON’T/Skip the skincare: Never apply makeup to a face that hasn’t been cleansed or hydrated, it will look cakey and will slip.

DO/Opt for a neutral color in a tinted lip balm: These are great because they add color and are eye-catching, but are comfortable on the lips and feel so good in the winter time.

DON’T/Use a cream lipstick: It will look thick and matte.

DO/Set your makeup: Use a face mist to set makeup, and add glow and hydration.

DON’T/Use a water-based mist: It will dry out your skin, which can cause cracking and flaking.

You can connect with Megan via Instagram and TikTok.