CHICAGO – Family photos, a plant, or maybe even a favorite mug: Those tend to be some of the items people use to make their workspace feel a bit more like home.

But there are some people who go all out and transform their entire workspace into a rustic log cabin!

That’s right, we’re talking a complete woodsy, cabin motif complete with wood walls, a small fake fireplace, and a hardwood floor.

The cubicle is the creation of Lucas Mundt, an office worker at Simple Modern in Oklahoma City.

He added a window that opens to a lovely view of a lake along with a stuffed moose head and what looks to be a bear rug on the floor.

Mundt asked his boss, CEO Mike Beckham, if he could decorate his cubicle, so he didn’t get in any trouble for the over-the-top makeover.

Beckham shared photos of Mundt’s cubicle on Twitter and admits he didn’t expect any of this.

The company also launched an initiative instituting a workspace personalization and decoration budget for all employees so everyone can get in on the fun.