WATCHING WINTER LIVE — The National Weather Service has an actual definition for a white Christmas: one inch of snow on the ground by 7 a.m. Dec. 25. With temperatures dropping in Chicago and another snow-maker or two in the extended forecast, chances are on the rise for this holiday hope.

WGN-TV Chicago’s Chip Brewster and WOOD-TV Grand Rapids’ Chief Meteorologist Ellen Bacca broke down the near-term forecast and long-range outlook on this week’s Watching Winter Live.

Two things are needed for a white Christmas: sustained below freezing temperatures and precipitation. Cold enough temperatures are almost a guarantee over the next 10 days. As to the snow itself, current models show not just one, but two more systems which could produce wintry precipitation coming through the area in the next week or so. Bottom line: hope remains alive for those wanting a white Christmas in Chicago.

The show’s topics included:

  • Snow and rain moving into the Northeast today
  • An update on the nation’s snowpack
  • Temperatures drop across the North and stay there
  • Multiple chances for more snow over the next 10 days from coast to coast
  • Increasing likelihood for white Christmas

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