CHICAGO – No matter how you spell it, Friday is a pretty sweet day for those who enjoy a special baked treat.

National Donut or Doughnut Day, whichever you prefer, is this Friday and it’s a chance to celebrate the pastry treats that so many enjoy at any time of the day. Certainly, there are plenty of places in Chicagoland to pick up one of these pastries on every June 3rd.

But what if you are someone who is gluten-free diet due to a health issue or chooses not to consume it for diet? Don’t worry, because WGN News Now has you covered.

Monica Salafia, a registered dietitian, appeared with Larry Hawley on Thursday on behalf of Pamela’s to discuss a recipe for a “Funfetti” gluten-free donut for people to make ahead of National Donut Day.

She talked about the process from the start to the finish, which she estimates would take less than an hour, and finishes up with you decorating the donuts in whatever way you may wish.

Salafia also discussed some of the benefits of a gluten-free diet for those who might be thinking about making that lifestyle switch as we approach the middle of 2022.

If you want to learn how to make these Funfetti Gluten-Free Donuts for Friday, be sure to click on the video above to watch how the process plays out.

You can also learn more about Salafia’s business by clicking on her website here or by following her on Instagram by clicking here.