July 1, 2021: A historic day for college athletes in Illinois & around the country

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CHICAGO – Athletes in the NCAA will always remember July 1, 2021.

It’s a historic day when it comes for the ability for athletes to monetarily benefit from their name, likeness, and image while they are taking part in collegiate sports.

The NCAA Board of Directors, following years of scrutiny and recent rullings against the association, decided to allow athletes to make money by getting endorsement deals with companies while also being able to conduct events on their own.

Once punished for things like autograph sessions, getting social media sponsors, or running an offseason kids camp are now legal thanks to the shift in policy. This was, of course, set into motion by states around the country that passed their own NIL bills to give athletes the ability to make money off their image if the NCAA didn’t decide to allow it.

In fact, one Illinois athlete has already decided to do so, with many more likely to follow.

Illinois men’s basketball guard Trent Frazier did his first endorsement for the GoPuff delievery service on Thursday, posting it to Twitter in the afternoon.

His teammate, guard Andre Curbelo, has done the same with the University of Illinois Credit Union.

Larry Hawley has more on the historic day for college athletes on WGN News Now, and you can watch that in the video above.

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