‘It was surreal’: After surviving a June shooting, Bears fan discusses his visit from Justin Fields

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CHICAGO – His thoughts were exactly where you would think they’d be when something like that happens.

Walking in Humboldt Park in the early morning hours on June 20th, Scott Morrow was hit by a stray bullet, lost consciousness then was aided by first responders near the scene.

Eventually, he was taken to the hospital, and thanks where his thinking began.

“I was just staring at the bright lights in the ambulance, thinking about all the things that I needed to be here for,” said Morrow, a Logan Square resident. “First and foremost, obviously, my family and friends, and I started thinking about an album I’m working on I need to finish.”

Something else crept into his mind as well, and it comes from his lifetime fandom of Chicago’s National Football League Franchise. Specifically, it was their first round pick from this April’s NFL Draft.

“One of the few things I started to think about was ‘Oh Man, I’ve been very excited for this Bears’ season, we’ve got this exciting rookie quarterback,” said Morrow. “I’ve lived my whole life without a truly great Bears’ quarterback here.”

That would be Justin Fields, whose selection by the team has reinvigorated the fan base like few draft picks had this generation. The fact that Morrow was thinking about him during a very difficult moment in his life is another example of this.

He first expressed his thinking about Fields after being shot to Mina Bloom of Block Club Chicago for a story that was published on July 15th.

The quote about the quarterback became popular among Bears fans on social media, then was noticed by those working on the “The Parkins and Spiegel Show” on WSCR-AM 670 The Score. He was brought on-air to talk about his thoughts on Fields at the moment to help further spread the story.

Eventually, word got back to those around Fields, which brought about a meeting this week.

Fields stopped by the home of Morrow’s parents in Glen Ellyn, where he’s stayed since the shooting, on Monday as the quarterback’s parents came along to meet a fan of their sons. While there, Fields presented Scott his jersey, which he’ll wear for the first time this fall for the Bears.

“It was surreal,” said Morrow of the surprise meeting with Fields. “This guy I’ve only seen on TV and he’s just in my front yard.”

Morrow said he got a call from a detective a few days earlier when he was told that someone had heard his story and had a gift for him. Fields offered some words of encouragement while also discussing the quarterback’s offseason and arrival in Chicago.

“An incredibly lovely gesture,” said Morrow of Fields’ visit. “The fact he came out to the suburbs even further was just so kind. Obviously, I know training camp hasn’t started yet, but he’s still incredibly busy and has tons of things to do on top of actually getting used to living in Chicago.”

But Fields took some time to reach out to this fan, who in a difficult moment had the quarterback on his mind.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help Morrow with his medical bills, which you can donate to by clicking here.

Larry Hawley spoke with Morrow for Friday’s WGN News Now broadcast, which you can see in the video above. See more of Morrow’s interview, including his meeting with Fields, how it came about, and his thoughts on issues like gun control and healthcare after the shooting, click on the video below.

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