CHICAGO, IL – Illinois is one of the best states in the nation for teen drivers.

According to 2022’s Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers by WalletHub, Illinois is the third best state in the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sites motor-vehicle crashes as the second leading cause of death for U.S. teens.

The CDC says teen drivers aged 16-19 are more at risk of being in a motor-vehicle crash than any other age group.

They attribute inexperience in recognizing and/or underestimating dangerous situations, distracted driving, speeding, not using seatbelts and alcohol use as some of the factors putting teens at risk when behind the wheel.

WalletHub researchers compared the teen-driving environment in all 50 states across several key metrics ranging from the number of teen driver fatalities to existing impaired-driving laws to the average costs of car repairs to come up with their rankings.

Here’s how Illinois ranked in some key categories:

  • 1st – Fewest Teen DUIs per 100,000 Teens
  • 1st – Presence of Impaired-Driving Laws
  • 1st – Presence of Distracted-Driving/Texting-While-Driving Laws
  • 3rd – Provision of Teen Driver’s Graduated Licensing Program Laws
  • 7th – Vehicle Miles Traveled per Capita
  • 7th – Presence of Occupant-Protection Laws
  • 9th – Teen Driver Fatalities per 100,000 Teens
  • 14th – Avg. Cost of Car Repairs
  • 27th – Quality of Roads

The best states for teen drivers are New York State ranked number one, followed by Washington state in second, Illinois in third, Maryland ranked fourth, and Oregon ranked fifth.

The worst states for teen drivers are North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Wyoming, and Montana in 50th.

You can click states on the map below to see how they rank.

Source: WalletHub