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It’s time to fall back! Daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend. At 2 a.m on Sunday November 7 we set our clocks back an hour and gain an hour of sleep. This is welcome news for most people, but dreaded news for a lot of parents with young children. The time change disrupts their child’s sleep routine, and causes their little one to wake up even earlier.

WGN News Now spoke with Dr. Innessa Donskoy, Pediatric Sleep Medicine Physician at Advocate Children’s Hospital about what parents can do to help their child adjust to the time change.

She has the following suggestions for parents:

  • Be patient and flexible with shifting waking hours. It will take time to get used to this new “time zone.”
  • Start looking for sleepiness cues in your child approximately 1 hour earlier than you are used to in the evening, avoid getting into the overtired zone.
  • Recognize and reflect on this feeling of sleepiness with your child. This will set them up for success at bedtime.

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