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CHICAGO — When WGN News Now asked where is Chicago’s best hot dog, we received hundreds of responses, recommending more than 80 locations. After narrowing it down and putting it to a vote, you decided Portillo’s is among the most delicious dogs in the city.

Every single business has an origin story, and it’s front and center of one of Chicagoland’s more popular chains serving up the city’s favorite fare.

At their Addison Street location on the north side, there is a picture of the original “Dog House” created by Dick Portillo, described as the first version of the restaurant that was created out of a trailer in Villa Park in 1963.

Set in a large dining room near a menu featuring a number of items that are served to many in Illinois and around the country, it certainly shows just how far Portillos has come in almost six decades.

“The story and the history of it is just amazing,” said Addison Street shift leader Alexis Maddox. “The fact that he had a hot dog stand – it all started with a hot dog stand – into something that’s potentially going to be 600 stores worldwide.”

As the company expands its profile, one thing that hasn’t been lost on customers in the Chicago area or elsewhere is the quality of the original product they serve in their stores: The hot dog.

It was voted on by those who checked out WGN News Now’s poll on, and when it comes to this Chicago institution, it was only proper that the style of hot dog associated with the city so many would come into the spotlight.

The typical ingredients are included in this item, including the Portillo’s signature dog that Maddox described as having it’s famous “snap.” It also includes a freshly steamed poppy seed bun that’s given all the traditional fixings of the “Chicago-Style Hot Dog”: Mustard, onions, tomatoes, relish, pickle, sport peppers, and celery salt.

“We put a lot of care into our hot dogs,” said Maddox.

Larry Hawley visited Portillo’s on Addison Street to learn more about the hot dog and the company, and you can watch that in the video above.

Every time I’m in Chicago, I eat it.

Diallo R.

So many options!!! All are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I need a LARGER STOMACH!!!!

Nelson K.

There are many Portillo’s locations across Chicagoland and with varying hours. Find the full list, and which is closest to you, here.

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