CHICAGO — The Land of Lincoln is one of the 20 best states to live in the country, despite finishing last for overall economy.

WalletHub ranks Illinois 15th on its list of 2022’s Best States to Live in America.

Researchers for the personal finance website compared all 50 states on a variety of factors across five key dimensions: Affordabillity, Economy, Education and Health, Quality of Life and Safety.

They looked at a variety of indicators for each, such as homeownership rate, percentage of population with high school degrees, income growth, average hours worked per week and crime rate.

Here’s how Illinois ranked in the dimensions:

4th – Quality of Life
7th – Safety
23rd – Education & Health
36th – Affordability
50th – Economy

Some of the categories within the Economy dimension included Unemployment Rate, Share of Population Living in Poverty, Median Debt per Median Earnings, Population Growth, and Job Opportunities.

The poll ranked Massachusetts as the best state in America to live, followed by New Jersey, New York, Idaho and Virginia ranked fifth.

Here are the top 20.

  • 1. Massachusetts
  • 2. New Jersey
  • 3. New York
  • 4. Idaho
  • 5. Virginia
  • 6. New Hampshire
  • 7. Florida
  • 8. Wyoming
  • 9. Minnesota
  • 10. Wisconsin
  • 11. Maine
  • 12. Vermont
  • 13.Utah
  • 14. Pennsylvania
  • 15. Illinois
  • 16. Iowa
  • 17. Maryland
  • 18. North Dakota
  • 19. Montana
  • 20. Colorado

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Source: WalletHub