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RIVER FOREST, IL – WGN News Now’s Self Care Week looks at the ancient therapies of cupping and acupuncture.

Both can help you boost your immune system and stay healthy. Christine Flores and Chip Brewster spoke with Sonia Rivera from Inner Spring Wellness about Cupping and Acupuncture.

Cupping involves the use of cups placed on the skin to create a healing suction of blood flow to an area on the body. The suction releases toxins from your tissue, reduces pain and relieves muscle tension. It can also help adults and children with several other conditions including asthma, digestive disorders, headaches, fatigue, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Rivera says acupuncture increases your body’s defenses, and can help reduce stress. Acupuncture also stimulates and balances the immune system to help your body create a strong line of defense against any pathogens you may come across.

Rivera says both cupping and acupuncture are a safe alternative to holistic practice and both promote relaxation.