CHICAGO – If you’ve just been through a breakup and are newly single, your heartbreak could score you some serious cash.

The folks at are looking to hire a DJ of Heartache. Basically, they want to pay someone to listen to 24 hours of breakup songs.

And, not just any old sad songs. The company’s website says the DJ of Heartache will “listen to some of the most infamous heartbreak hits, then categorize them into 5 new playlists to become the soundtrack of every breakup phase.”

So, you’re not just mindlessly listening, while eating ice cream and crying over your lost relationship, you have actual work to do!

Here are the five stages of grief playlists you’ll have to generate after your 24 hours of listening are up: Denial, Anger, Relapse, Depression, Acceptance.

The DJ of Heartache will be paid $1,100.

Applications for the DJ of Heartache are due by January 31st at midnight ET. You must be at least 18 years old and you must be based in the U.S.