CHICAGO – A Tampa area dad has set a new world record with the help of his baby daughter.

Rob Holcomb now holds the world record for the fastest mile while pushing a stroller.

He set the record on Sunday with his baby daughter Greta strapped in the stroller at a middle school track.

Of course, there are very specific rules that must be followed for the record to be counted.

Rules dictate a human being must be inside the stroller, all wheels must stay on the ground at all times, and someone must record the run to make sure the attempt is a full mile.

Holcomb ran the mile in 4:53, shattering the previous record by four seconds.

This was the 35-year old’s third attempt at breaking the record.

He made his first attempt in December and his second in early January.

Holcomb says he got the idea for the record attempt from a friend who was also trying to beat it, but came short, and ran it in 5:03.