CHICAGO, IL – Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat!

You’ve probably seen the expression on tee shirts, wall decals, or even posters. It’s a mantra for some serious gamers and now a new gaming bed could make it easier to achieve as a goal.

Bauhette, a Japanese company that specializes in gaming-furniture, created a motorized gaming bed for gamers who find it too tasking to move from their bed to the couch to play video games.

The Bauhette Electric Gaming Bed and Bed Desk lets you play games, eat and sleep without getting out of bed basically.

All you have to do is press a button, and the bed moves you from the sleeping position to the gaming position.

The motorized bed and bed desk work together and have a ton of added accessories.

The “energy wagon” accessory, for example, is a combination pantry, clothing rack, table, and storage unit for game accesories.

Bauhette reportedly doesn’t plan to sell the gaming bed outside of Japan, but if it did, you’d have to shell out nearly $1,200 for the bed frame and mattress alone.