Driving is a must for millions of people across the country – and the proof is in the numbers.

Americans are logging a total of 13,476 average miles a year according to the Federal Highway Administration, and apparently a lot of them are not happy about it. 

A recent U.S. News and World Report survey found 64% of drivers admit to having road rage when behind the wheel.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 drivers aged 16 and older about their bad driving habits and found road rage and speeding to be the most frequent along with being distracted by passengers, phones, and pets.

Here’s a look at some other bad habits drivers confessed to committing.

  • 64% road rage behind the wheel
  • 51% speeding
  • 40% look at their phone while at a red light
  • 37% driving when they were too tired to be driving
  • 31% nearly falling asleep
  • 30% do not use their turn signal
  • 28% do not wear a seatbelt
  • 27% text while driving
  • 27% roll through stop signs
  • 25% drive with a pet in their lap
  • 25% passengers have pressured them to speed
  • 12% look at their phone if they get a message
  • 11% fall asleep behind the wheel
  • 8% regularly look at their phone

All of these ‘habits’ not only increase your risk of getting a ticket but can increase your risk of getting into an accident which could impact on your car insurance rates.

Drivers aren’t the only ones behaving badly on the road, so apparently are passengers.

According to researchers, 40% of respondents say they’ve driven with a passenger who didn’t wear a seatbelt, while 20% confess to driving with passengers who were drinking alcohol, and 15% drove with passengers who were smoking marijuana.

Researchers say 27% of those surveyed also admit to being a “backseat driver” and nagging the driver when they are passengers in a vehicle.

One more note, 58% of respondents said a friend or family member taught them how to drive, and claim they learned their unsafe driving behaviors from that person.