Dating is hard no matter your age. Whether you’re 16, 36 or 60, finding love in this day and age can be challenging to say the least.

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle, the dating app Plenty of Fish released its sixth annual list of dating trends to help you to navigate the singles scene and make a connection.

Researchers polled more than 8,000 of the app’s members to identify new trends in dating.

They say 2023 will be the year of “Main Character Energy” with singles putting the focus more on themselves, and prioritizing their wants and needs.

Dating experts say singles want to make more authentic connections and are redefining dating.

As a result the self-worth and confidence of singles has grown, and they are more certain about so called “deal-breakers.”

Below are the “verified” dating trends Plenty of Fish researchers believe will pop on the single scene in 2023.

  • Main Character Energy: Singles focus on themselves instead of dealing with people who don’t meet their needs or standards. 49% of singles say they’ve made changes to put themselves first, and 32% of single men say a potential date has rejected them because they wanted to “focus on themselves.”
  • Eco-Dumping: Singles date or dump someone depending on how environmentally conscious he or she is.Many singles way it’s a deal-breaker if the prospective date has conflicting views. In fact, one in five singles claim to know someone who was dumped because of their views on the environment and climate change.
  • Heat Doming: This is when singles date someone specifically to use their household amenities such as air conditioning, heat, pool, gym or even a comfy mattress. 20% of singles say they’ve experienced this, with 30% of Millennials and Gen Z saying they know someone who has done it.
  • Infla-Dating: Inflation is forcing singles to go on cheaper, less expensive dates. 48% of Millennials and Gen-Z say they’ve suggested planning a budget-friendly date due to the current economy.
  • James-Webbing: NASA’s new super telescope inspired this trend where singles decide if they’re going to date someone after giving them a closer look. 54% of singles say they dated someone after getting to know them better and seeing them through a new lens or light.
  • OnlyPlans: This is when people repeatedly plan dates with someone, but the date never actually happens. 52% of singles say this has happened to them, with excuses ranging from a last minute ‘work emergency’, too much traffic, or having to babysit a friend’s pet at the last minute.